devicestream™ - Get More Value from your Devices

devicestream™ enables secure connection and management of devices, including software updates, remote service and support, usage tracking, and real-time data access.

By being securely connected, devicestream™ provides significant value to device manufacturing stakeholders, helping unlock the true value of their devices and data.

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Drive Revenue & Engagement

  • Enable subscription-based billing by getting real-time usage data from devices
  • Streamline consumable tracking & reorders, through device or site based usage
  • Connect with 3rd party systems including billing, reporting, and other cloud based portals 

Eliminate Support Costs

  • Eliminate manual updates & product recalls through configurable remote updates 
  • Reduce onsite troubleshooting, by enabling secure remote device access
  • Increase response time with automated monitoring and alerts

Accelerate Product Improvements

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  • Access to device data to validated product design, and drive product enhancements
  • Respond quickly to product issues & critical feature updates
  • Track usage patterns to identify potential issues with product adoption, or incorrect use

Security, Traceability, and Compliance

  • Reduce risk through commercial grade security
  • Have visibility of every device change or user action through detailed system audit logs
  • Avoid critical loss of data with highly available infrastructure including backup and restore
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