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Devicestreamâ„¢ helps companies looking to minimize the cost, risk, and complexity of building and maintaining commercial grade cloud connected Industrial IoT applications

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Enable subscription based business models through real-time device and usage tracking with direct integration into automated billing and reporting systems.

Drive Revenue & Engagement

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Streamlined support capabilities including remote software updates, centralized support, and automated device monitoring and alerts.

Eliminate Support Costs

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Protect critical devices & data with commercial grade security, including device certification management, system audit log, high availability infrastructure, and backup and restore.

Security, Traceability, and Compliance

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Why Devicestream?

We provide solutions to customer from startups to large multinationals in a wide variety of industries.  Our project experience enables us to provide additional value by understanding industry specific constraints,
terminology, and best practices critical for success with building, deploying, and maintaining connected and Industrial IoT applications.

Building a commercial grade secure connected application requires a significant investment in both time and costs to complete combined with ongoing investment to ensure security,  technology, and infrastructure are properly managed over time.  Our combination of Devicestreamâ„¢ product and managed services greatly reduces this burden for any
customer application.

 Save time and money by letting Prolucid manage hosting and infrastructure, security updates, scalability, and ongoing maintenance including 24/7 support on both public and private infrastructure.  Our comprehensive managed services provides peace of mind that your system will scale and stay current over time.

Join the 100+ businesses that chose Prolucid to build connected, automated, intelligent devices and systems.

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