Step 1: Discovery Phase

The first step in the process is to execute a discovery phase to better understand the customer and project priorities, and together build an initial backlog of any customizations required.

Included with this phase is a review of the recommended technology and approach, optional prototyping, and time and cost to complete.

“Our $5,000 discovery phase can easily save $50,000 in bad decisions, and can often be the difference between failure and success”

Step 2: Device Setup

After completion of the discovery phase, we start by installing the devicestream™ service onto the target device(s), including any customization required.

Off the shelf, devicestream™ supports a wide variety of end devices and operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and support can be provided for custom targets as needed.

Step 3: Cloud Portal Setup

Next the devicestream™ cloud portal is setup including any custom analytics or dashboards requested.

Devices are then registered with the devicestream™ server application, at which point the system is live and ready to go!

Step 4: Manage Your Devices

With devicestream™ deployment and customization complete, devices can be securely accessed and managed, data collection and device monitoring started, and dashboards, and reports populated.

As the system is used additional features can be added including dashboards, reports, and even integration of advanced analytics including machine learning to enhance the value of your devices and data.